The Original VIDEO PIZZA: A One Hour Hypnotic Montage of Spinning Pizzas


Here's the trailer to the hour-long The Original VIDEO PIZZA (love the vintage website). Sort of like a video fireplace or video aquarium, instead it's just lots of pizzas spinning, spinning hypnotically, using music from "various instructional videos we got at the library."

It's a "one of a kind way to spend the evening! A full hour of rotating pizza montage with soothing sizzling sound effects, adds the perfect ambience to any party experience! When the pizza ends, simply push play and watch again and again!" $9.99 + $5 shipping gets you the DVD.

By Wolf Choir, a Portland, Oregon-based band. It appears as though there's also a Hawaiian pizza video in the works as well.

Trailer to The Original VIDEO PIZZA

[via WFMU]

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  1. James

    This is like the deal of century!

  2. APK

    They just had to go pepperoni.

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