The Soup: The New Fall Lineup of Fat Reality Shows [video]


In this video from the latest episode of The Soup, Joel McHale brings to light the paradox of food reality and weight-loss reality shows. He says: "Most reality shows seem to be either cooking shows or weight loss competitions. It's as though networks are trying to make people fatter just so they can exploit them for being overweight."

In that spirit, they imagine a fall lineup that "glorifies food and then vilifies what it does to your body," with shows like Get Off Your Fat Ass and Dance Your Fat Ass Off You Fat Ass, Project Obesity, The Fatchelorette, America's Got Arteriosclerosis, Cooking with Butter, and The Biggest Cruller. Actually, we'd totally watch a show devoted entirely to one type of doughnut.

Video: The Soup: Fat Reality Shows

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