The Vegan Double Down Sandwich [crimes against food]

vegan-double-downThe vegans are jealous of KFC's Double Down Sandwich, the decidedly not vegan-friendly sandwich composed of pepper jack cheese, Swiss cheese, and bacon using two Original Recipe Filets instead of buns. They can't get in on the fun.

So of course some enterprising soul went ahead and made a vegan facsimile using chikn nuggets, tofu "bacon," and vegan "cheese." Readers on the Post Punk Kitchen forums were so impressed that marriage was proposed (twice!) and sexual favors were offered.

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  1. Moira

    There is so much wrong here, it is hard to know where to start. Issues of gluttony (and I mean that in a bad way) and taste-bud abuse aside, there is not such food as "chikn nuggets, tofu "bacon," and vegan "cheese" ". Anything that requires quotation marks is not edible, and just as "cheez" is PR-speak for soft orange pastic , "chikn" is rubbery beige plastic.

    Bon appetit.

  2. Natasha

    It's soy, idiot. Soy is certainly more of a FOOD than cheese is. Cheese is A CURD MADE FROM THE MILK OF ANOTHER ANIMAL. Sounds DELICIOUS, huh?

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