Trailer for Jamie's American Road Trip [video]


Here's Jamie Oliver dressed up as The Village People in a trailer for his upcoming six-part Channel 4 TV series, Jamie's American Roadtrip (airing in the Fall in the UK), a "culinary backpacking road trip" through the US. Channel 4's description of the show:

In each episode Jamie will be exploring the food, local hang-outs and people of places as diverse as the immigrant communities in New York’s Queens district where Jamie helps to serve food on the streets in the bitter East Coast winter; the hurricane-struck residents of Louisiana, still trying to rebuild years after Katrina; and the Navajo Indians of Arizona, who are desperately fighting to keep their food culture alive.

Still no word on which network in the US will be airing the show, but there is a book attached to the series, Jamie's America slated to be released in September (Amazon).

Update 10/28/09: The series has run its course and is no longer happening.

Trailer for Jamie's American Road Trip

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  1. Jean

    The assless chaps were freaking priceless

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