Trailer for the Documentary Tapped [video]


Here's the trailer for the documentary Tapped (warning: window-resizing website), a film about the multi-billion dollar bottled water industry and its effect on "climate change, pollution, health and our reliance on oil." Kind of like the Food, Inc. of bottled water, the film goes into terrifying detail about the highly unregulated industry that supplies 29 billion bottles of water each year. Fun summer viewing!

Tapped is playing at the IFC Center in New York City through August 6th, moving on to the ArcLight in Los Angeles for a week-long run. If you can't make the screenings, perhaps the five minute-plus long trailer will do:

Video: Trailer for Tapped

Michelle Mettler

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  1. Helen

    Single-topic food documentaries: the new single-topic food nonfiction book?

  2. Cheforita

    Is this being shown in Chicago?

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