Vintage Chocerotic Video [chocolate]


This vintage video extolling the virtues of chocolate comes to us via Everything is Terrible. Remeniscent of The Original VIDEO PIZZA in spirit but not intention, this video treads the line between brilliant and creepy, and is oddly poetic:

There's something in chocolate that makes one want to have a lot. And when the last bit is gone, the mouth's memory lingers on... Chocolate is decadent, indulgent, smooth and tempting, rich and elegant. It's the perfect treat for that feeling of 'I deserve something really wonderful.'... It's darkly delicious, it's sensually rich, it's lusciously light. It's all this and more.

We're guessing circa 1987? You must watch:

Video: Chocerotic

[via Everything is Terrible]

—Raphael Brion

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  1. Jon

    I like the line about "hot steaming... brownies". What a crack up.

    There was a chocolate mold of a computer terminal and a CD in a jewel case, so late 1980's seem right.

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