Who Would Play the Top Chef Quickfire Challenge Game?


Publishers Weekly reminded us of the upcoming Top Chef Quickfire Challenge Game (out November, preorder on Amazon). Released by Chronicle Books, the exclusive publisher of all Top Chef books, the game comes with 150 cards that cover food trivia ("What are the two ingredients in a roux?") and Top Chef-related trivia from the first four seasons of the show, with questions like “Which Season 1 contestant was a part-time model at the time of the show?" and "Which Top Chef judge earned three Michelin stars by the age of 26?"

Season one aired back in March 2006 — are fans so ravenous that they can remember somewhat obscure details of reality contestants' lives from episodes that aired over three years ago? Cookbooks make sense, Top Chef wine makes less sense, but a trivia board game makes absolutely no sense.

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  1. Mary Arulanantham

    I could do the cooking facts part, but not the show trivia. How about a Trivial Pursuit Julia Child edition?

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