Adam Richman Games the Suicide Wing Challenge in Brooklyn for Man v. Food [video spoilers]


Photograph by special correspondent Erin Griffith

This past weekend, Man v. Food's resident food athlete (foodthlete?) Adam Richman hit up Buffalo Cantina in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to tape a new gastronomical showdown. Richman's challenge? Six suicide wings in six minutes.

It's not Richman's first time with the suicide six: Back in 2008, after a single bite of the wings, he walked away in resignation (see video below). Man v. Food, now in its third season, perhaps running out of overeating challenges across the country, is forcing Richman to face his demons, revisit past failures, and make a second attempt to defeat the suicide wings.

Except he kinda sorta wimped out. Not that we blame him. We saw one bite of the suicide wings drive a spectator to tears, and immediately thereafter, the bathroom. But as much as we love Man v. Food and admire Richman's deliciously entertaining challenges, we couldn't write about the taping without facing up to what we all know: TV is fake, plain and simple. The show made the restaurant's wing-eating challenge easier by having Richman eat six less spicy wings.

Not that we're bitter, but if we were among the brave souls pictured on the wall who beat the actual challenge, we'd have some sour grapes (and burnt taste buds)! The video below, shot on location, details the event and the challenge modifications. (Spoiler alert! It gives away the outcome of the challenge that has yet to air.)

Video: 2009: Man v. Food - Suicide Hot Wings

Video: 2008: Man v. Food - Suicide Hot Wings

Erin Griffith

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  1. Bethany

    Regarding the Buffalo Cantina, I wonder if Adam knows they've stepped up the challenge. They go beyond the Suicide Six Wings with their even hotter Sepuku Wings. Since Adam lives in Brooklyn, he should drop by. :)

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