Blog-To-Book Deal: Hunter Angler Gardener Cook Author Hank Shaw's Honest Food

hunter-angler-garden-cook-smallHands up if you didn't see this one coming: Hank Shaw, the charismatic author of the ultimate DIY blog, Hunter Angler Gardener Cook (which was nominated for a 2009 Beard award), has sold the rights to a book called Honest Food: Finding the Forgotten Feast to Rodale.

Publishers' Marketplace notes that the book will be "a narrative with recipes" covering Shaw's attempts to eat and cook "only what he shoots, fishes, forages, grows, catches, or buys organically," all while holding down a real day job.

Update: Hank Shaw offered more information about his book, tentatively slated for release in the first part of 2011:

Regular readers of this space need not worry: I am not simply cobbling together all my old blog posts into a book. You will definitely see some of the same topics I write about here, but Honest Food will go deeper, be more helpful for those looking to get started on these endeavors, be less regional in focus (I’ve lived all over the country, so the book will not be California-centric.) and will – I hope – not only tell readers how to hunt or fish or forage wild greens, but will also tell them why they should bother in the first place.

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