Can Art: Jacob Dahlgren's 'From art to life to art'


"From art to life to art," Jacob Dahlgren. Photo via

In Jacob Dahlgren's piece "From art to life to art," he constructs an infinite, interlocking sculpture out of cans. Currently on view at Momentum 2009, the 5th Nordic Biennial of Contemporary art in Moss, Norway. From the show's catalog: "The sculpture From art to life to art... is constructed from 600 empty cans. The cans have been procured from the low-cost shelves and were selected for their simple white and yellow labels. The aluminium cans have been assembled into a 10-metre long pipe-like system. The angular system has no end and no beginning. It is reminiscent of an autonomous system that survives independently of external reality." See more photographs of "From art to life to art" at his website.

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