Eater Poised to Spread Its Tentacles All Over North America

krakenIt looks like Eater is planning to throw its hat into the national food blog ring after issuing an open call for bloggers and photographers for a "top secret project" encompassing 20 additional cities throughout the U.S. and Canada (the blog is already a presence in LA, SF, and NYC).

Eater's implied national [international! – ed.] expansion is right on trend: this summer's seen national expansion from Grub Street (who acquired and rebranded the MenuPages city blogs), the rumors of a Feedbag/Citysearch national push, and the array of Village Voice Media food blogs ramping up their content.

So can we expect 19 new Eater sub-sites on their own subdomains? It seems unlikely, since there's only so much coverage that could be squeezed out of small cities like Boise or Portland, Maine (and Eater has already attempted, and then aborted, Eater Chicago). Our best guess is a singular Eater top-level site that encompasses all cities, with a mix of national coverage tossed in for good measure. As evidence, we can cite Eater co-founder Lockhart Steele's tweet from yesterday: "In attendance at CurbedHQ this very second: @eaterny, @eaterla, and @eatersf. We're working on something new! Hint: @eater."

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  1. DBSweeney

    Can't help but notice that Boise has a Citysearch site:

    Maybe there's some Ozersky/Steele synergy at play here?

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