'Eating Muppets' from The State [video]


Here's the classic sketch "Eating Muppets" from MTV's The State: a dinner party that features the tasty neon blue meat: Muppet. With handy advice about the delicate art of Muppet hunting: “I sure could use some help counting to four…”

From the birth of the Muppet in Jim Henson's Wikins Coffee commercials in 1957 to the 1975 debut of the Swedish Chef on The Muppet Show, there's long been a history of violence between the characters and their food. Even the Fraggles would carelessly destroy the hard work of the Doozers for something to eat. But Henson never allowed man to eat Muppet, which isn't to say it couldn't be done.

Video: 'Eating Muppets' from The State

Adam Robb

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  1. Mary

    Why, oh why, won't they put The State on dvd?!

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