Eric Ripert Is the Most Interesting Man in the World, Part II


In episode two of Avec Eric, "Star Ingredients," Eric Ripert lends further credence to our hypothesis from our review of episode one that he is, in fact, the most interesting man in the world. Ripert is seen at the cliffs on the Pacific at Los Gatos, California, walking right by a sign that reads "SHEER CLIFF STAY BACK." Clearly disregarding the danger, what does he do? He climbs down the cliffs (!) to meet David Kinch, chef/owner of Manresa in Los Gatos, who's surfing in the ocean (an interesting man in his own right). During the intro, there's also a quick shot of Ripert on the beach smoking a cigar. Eric Ripert does not fear danger; he faces it head on.

Video: Eric Ripert Disregards Danger

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—Raphael Brion

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  1. maxpickle

    Really loving this. His enthusiasm is really charming...and danger is his middlename.

  2. Kimberley

    There are no cliffs overlooking the Pacific in Los Gatos - it's inland, in the mountains. Looks more like somewhere on Hwy 1 heading north of Santa Cruz.

  3. wunami

    Wait...he climbs down dangerous cliffs (which isn't actually shown, at least in the clip) but he runs like a girl when the surf comes in?

    I love Eric Ripert but he doesn't speak French in Russian and the police don't question him just because they think he's interesting or have awkward moments just so he knows what they feel like or live vicariously through himself.

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