Food Blogger-to-Book Deal Part 23125923: Ideas In Food

ideas-in-food1Aki Kamozawa and H. Alexander Talbot, the people behind Ideas in Food got their very own book deal with Clarkson Potter. In their blog, they catalog their kitchen experiments, which often involve chemicals and techniques of a "molecular" bent. Their tagline is "Improvisation and experimentation in the kitchen," after all.

Busy people they are! They teach cooking classes and cater private events, and also write the very fine column Kitchen Alchemy for Popular Science. The book is scheduled for Fall 2010, with a deadline is December 1st, so they're searching for volunteers to test recipes. Looking forward to this one.

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  1. It's really not appropriate in any way to link these guys in with the Food Bloggers out there. They are chefs who write a chef blog. They actually have something to say about the handling and preparation of food whether it is in a more traditional or non-traditional sense. They are not linking themselves onto other entities in a parasitic way in the manner of the "Julie & Julia" or "Chez Pim" books.
    These are chefs who deserve to have their ideas in print whether the blog existed or not.

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