Hand-Pulled Noodle-Making, Narrated by Alton Brown


Here's a totally mesmerizing four-minute video of Danny Yip, executive noodle chef at Mr. Chow in Los Angeles, making noodles by hand. Alton Brown narrates, saying, "This may be the best culinary magic trick you've ever seen."

This is from the extras to the DVD of Kung Fu Panda (buy at Amazon). Watch the video below or check out the video on YouTube in its large, high-quality goodness.

Video: Hand-Pulled Noodle-Making

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  1. I never really paid attention to how it was done when I had hand drawn noodles. Pretty nice though. There's a place here in Philly that serves hand-drawn noodles and hand-shaven noodles, which I slightly prefer. Cool video I'll pay attention next time I go eat.

  2. maxpickle

    Amazing.I'd like to see one of the Ramen Noodle Robot Chefs try that..

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