Hell's Kitchen/Bon Appetit Crossover Madness [video]

fairchild-ramsayLast night on Hell's Kitchen, the contestants had 45 minutes to make a "delicious dish that's visually stunning" judged by the editorial staff of Bon Appetit (gotta love the overdubbed pomp music when they walk in).

Says Ariel, "Whoah, OK, we have some big ballers in here today." The final winner, selected by Editor-in-Chief Barbara Fairchild and Gordon Ramsay, received the prize of lunch and a photoshoot with Fairchild and Ramsay, plus their recipes in Bon App. The losers had to go chain-gang-style and clean up the side of a highway.

Interesting to note that pairings of food magazines with food reality shows: Food & Wine aligned with Top Chef; and Saveur with Top Chef Masters. Bon Appetit gets the rest, having in the past collaborated with The Next Food Network Star and now Hell's Kitchen. Gourmet goes it alone — they've got their own shows, Diary of a Foodie and the upcoming Gourmet’s Adventures With Ruth.

Video: Hell's Kitchen/Bon Appetit Crossover

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