IACP Adds Three New Categories To Cookbook Awards

iacp-cookbook-logoThe call for entries is underway for the 2010 IACP cookbook awards (omfg have you submitted yet?), and the field has changed just a little with the addition of three new categories. Recognizing the expanding market for kiddie-chefs and family dinner compilations, they've added a Children, Youth, and Family category; Culinary History opens the doors to more academic options as well as the exploding single-subject nonfiction genre (Mark Kurlansky, are you paying attention?); and Professional Kitchens separates books written for professional chefs from the chaff of home-kitchen cookery.

We can't help but wonder whether someone at the IACP was paying attention when we took them to task for overlooking some game-changing cookbooks at the 2009 awards — these categories strike us as no-brainers for inclusion, particularly Culinary History and Professional Kitchens. Those two help reposition the IACP — seen by many in the culinary industry as, let us say, a small-potatoes dinosaur — as an institution for serious chefs and serious culinarians. For that matter, had the Professional Kitchens category existed last year, we're sure Thomas Keller's criminally overlooked Under Pressure would have been a lock.

–Helen Rosner

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