Jimmy Kimmel Makes the World's Largest Meatball [video]

jimmy-kimmel-worlds-largest-meatball-recordJimmy Kimmel was not pleased after finding out that the record for the world's largest meatball was recently set in Mexico back in August (it was a promotional stunt to promote Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs).

So Kimmel put a team together to bring the record back to where it rightfully belongs: the USA. Using 200 pounds of ground meat, they created "the largest meatball human hands have ever made... that will dwarf anything that Mexico could ever imagine." Guinness World Record officials were in attendance, and it's official: The record for the largest meatball belongs to the USA. USA! USA! USA!

Video: Jimmy Kimmel Makes the World's Largest Meatball

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  1. 10001

    Funny because Jimmy Kimmell is kind of a meatball himself

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