Johnny Cupcakes' Looney Tunes T-Shirts, a Half-Baked Collaboration


Photo via Johnny Cupcakes

This week, Johnny Cupcakes, the Boston-based streetwear designer whose store is designed to look like a bakery, launched a collaboration with Warner Bros, mixing together his signature baked goods with Looney Tunes characters. The four t-shirts feature Daffy Duck about to assault Elmer Fudd with a rolling pin, Foghorn Leghorn mixing batter, and Bugs Bunny making a special delivery, and Bugs menacing Yosemite Sam while he shoots cupcakes. 100% cotton, available in men's and women's sizes, $40 each.


Left: JC/WB Foghorn & Henry. Right: JC/WB Elmer & Daffy. Photos via


Left: JC/WB Yosemite & Bugs. Right: JC/WB Bakery. Photos via

Adam Robb

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