Jon Stewart Tries to Convince LeBron James to Move to NYC With a Shake Shack Burger

daily-show-lebron-jamesLast night on The Daily Show, LeBron James paid a visit to promote his new book Shooting Stars (buy at Amazon). Since LeBron is coming up on free agency (and because the Knicks are so consistently terrible), Jon Stewart tried to convince him to move to New York City by using a Shake Shack burger and shake as "food for thought":

Jon Stewart: "I know you love burgers... I know you love Swensons [the burger chain in Ohio]. Are you familiar with Shake Shack?"
LeBron James: "I'm familiar with Shaq Shack."

Video: LeBron James on The Daily Show

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  1. A Zip

    Swenson's isn't really a chain in Ohio. Just two family owned restaurants in Akron. Great burgers, great milkshakes. If you're ever in town, you MUST check them out.

  2. Jack

    Swenson's is up to 7 locations nowadays

  3. JM

    I've had burgers at both places. Not even close - Swenson's is significantly better

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