Linksplodge 09/01/09


  • Above, "Fish Salad" for the magazine Newzy by Julie Rothhahn in collaboration with Lily Monsaingeon.
  • Josh Ozersky has a new radio show The Mr. Cutlets Show. At least take in the beginning that has a "Mr. Cutlets" theme song by Don Ralph and his band, Life in a Blender. [via Eater] Also see The Awl's theme song.
  • Peter Meehan's new column Grass Fed on the The Moment blog.
  • Padma, in a music video. Wait for the end.
  • Jay Rayner on that Yelp 20% off for a review story: "It has long been rumoured that a one-time London restaurant critic... was once seen outside the restaurant of a big name chef at dead of night, loading a case of prime claret and half a side of venison into the boot of his car. When I first heard about this I was, of course, completely outraged. I mean, why the hell don't I ever get offered bribes like that?"


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