Linksplodge 09/25/09


  • Above: Vintage 1977 mushroom canister set from Sears Roebuck. Plus bonus ceramic mushroom salt and pepper shakers. $12.95 on Etsy. Update: it's sold!
  • A prototype for a new, more ecologically-sound milk carton separates into a cardboard outer layer and a thin plastic inner layer for easier recycling.
  • From last night's Saturday Night Live: Guy Fieri shows Barack Obama his health care plan, and yes, it involves queso.
  • Julia Jaksic, chef at Employee's Only in New York, on her blog The Butcher's Daughter explores the idea of eating horse meat.
  • Glen Beck attempted to execute the boiling frog metaphor, but instead he executed a frog in boiling water. (But apparently it was fake.)
  • Joe Catterson, wine director at Alinea, has started a blog: Alinea Oenophilia.


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  1. I swear the little old lady that lived next door to me growing up had a set of canisters that looked exactly like this! If this set was around in 1977 that would be about right - I was 7 years old and scared to death of her and her husband.....something about people with no teeth...

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