Megan Fox Has Questionably Poor Taste in Restaurants

megan-fox-conan-obrienLast night Megan Fox visited The Tonight Show and told Conan O'Brien about her favorite dining spots which included basically every chain restaurant out there: Olive Garden, Outback Steakhouse, Krispy Kreme, and Red Lobster. Either this is extremely well-placed contextual advertising, or Megan Fox has exceptionally poor taste in restaurants. A transcript:

Conan O'Brien: One of things I've heard about you... You're a big star, but you don't go to scene-y kinds of places. You don't go to all the hotspots do you?

Megan Fox: ...The places I like to hang out, there's this particular area in Burbank where I can act out like my entire fantasy life. There's an Olive Garden, an Outback Steakhouse, and a Krispy Kreme Donuts. All within like a one block radius, in one shopping center.

CO: You like those kinds of places?

MF: Yeah. Oh, and I love Red Lobster. That's my favorite.

CO: What's your favorite thing about Red Lobster?

MF: The cheese biscuits at Red Lobster. Yes! They deserve applause.

CO: I think you're going to be hearing from the Red Lobster people.

MF: I hope so. They used to have something called the Captain's Feast. You get like 20 different kinds of shrimp and your own basket of biscuits and a salad for like ten dollars. It's amazing.

CO: You're the perfect woman. That's so great. I love the Sizzler because you get a tray.

MF: Yeah, and you can go back for seconds or thirds.

CO: I like a tray. I feel like I'm at a really good hospital cafeteria.

Video: Megan Fox on The Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien

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  1. Crashcarr

    I do love those cheddar biscuits... I guess it is kind of sad but I do sometimes dream about them from time to time. Warm, garlicky, cheesy biscuits...

    • Helen

      According to one of those Imitate Restaurant Foods At Home! cookbooks that I happen to own, here is how to make Cheddar Bay Biscuits: basic bisquick biscuit recipe, plus 1 c grated cheddar. Top the biscuits with a slurry of garlic powder (lots) and butter. I might or might not make these really really frequently.

  2. Emily

    Also, she has weird thumbs.

  3. If Cheddar Bay were an actual place, I would visit in a second. Not defending Red Lobster, but those biscuits are good!

  4. Stephanie

    i am having a cocktail party soon and those biscuits will be served. anything topped with cheddar and a slurry of garlic powder and butter has got to be amazing.

  5. jlb20

    ...just like all female actors love to eat tacos and burgers and shit they don't really eat.... And they also like "guys who are funny and have a down-to-earth sense of humor" more than guys who are good looking....

  6. Jerry from Montana

    people can bag on those restaurants all they want, but she knows what she likes.

    and any sort of biscuit that is memorable is a thumbs up.

  7. PLatypus

    At least she'd be a cheap date

  8. me

    I'm not suprised she has bad taste...or that she's a cheap date.

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