'Minumentals: Gastronomique' Paintings by Rob Sullivan at Rabelais in Portland, Maine [food art]


Opening Friday September 4th (reception 6-8 pm) at the bookstore Rabelais in Portland, Maine is the exhibit "minumentals: gastronomique" featuring paintings by Rob Sullivan. Part of an ongoing series, each oil painting is "done in one sitting, from life." And they're on the small side, at only 6" x 6". Says Sullivan:

A "gastronomique" is generally considered an encylopedia of gastronomy; a reference guide not just dedicated to food, but the relationships and impacts of the culinary arts upon culture... The idea of food as a fine art still life is as time-honored as art history can get. Recognition of food as fine art is obviously not a new thought at all. But as with the classic gastronomique, the paintings in this show do not seek to solely replicate the food (or food-related object) for the sake of its appearance, but also, to celebrate its individual charm and wider aesthetic meaning.

Food has the power to evoke sweet memories, to cross cultural boundaries, to nurture health, to revel in the moment, to sooth the soul. It is a very individual experience, based on one's palate and preference. These "minumentals" seek out those individuals, visually providing a touchstone to wonderful tastes, heady aromas, and joyful memories that linger because of the benevolent presence of great food in our lives.

Portland, Maine is perhaps too far to visit for most people — although it is quite lovely this time of year — so here's a sample of some of the work:







86 Middle Street, Portland, Maine 04101
207 774 1044

—Raphael Brion

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