'My Name is Potato' Music Video by Rita Pavone


Taking its cues from Schoolhouse Rock, "My Name is Potato" is an Italian novelty song by Rita Pavone from 1977. It features Ms. Pavone — who was apparently 32 when she recorded this, despite looking to be about 17 — singing to a cartoon of a potato. An American potato, as he gruffly insists, who shoots guns and flies off in an American flag spaceship at the end. The animation was done by Guido Manuli, who was famous for his collaborations with director Bruno Bozetto, particularly on the film Allegro non Troppo, a sort of spoof on Fantasia.

Video: 'My Name is Potato'

And, just for kicks, here's another video of the song featured in a commercial for McCain Brothers, an Italian brand of frozen food:

Video: McCain Brothers Commercial

[via Metafilter]

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  1. maxpickle

    Why does Potato's cigar become a bottle he drinks then transform into a gun he shoots?
    I feel high just watching this...
    Maybe it's the crazy lady inside the Statue of Liberty's face.

  2. Brian

    And they QUIT making quaaludes.I can't imagine why.This is awesome!!!

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