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Linksplodge 09/28/09

Above, the illustrated "BLT Kama Sutra" in which bacon, lettuce, and tomato do all sorts of untowards things to each other.
The Sun reports on Britain's biggest burger, the "Super Scooby. Six inches tall, over 3 pounds, 2,645 calories, £10. [via Cold Mud]
Oliver Strand writing for GQ: Why Every Man Needs a Butcher.
The Onion: Pepsi To [...]

Playing Sushi Roulette for the 'Wasabi Bomb' on The Amazing Race [video]

Last night saw the premiere of season fifteen of The Amazing Race featuring a mock-Japanese game show in which the contestants had to play Sushi Roulette and be lucky enough to get to eat a "wasabi bomb," a hand roll with a truly epic amount of wasabi.

Can Art: Jacob Dahlgren's 'From art to life to art'

"From art to life to art," Jacob Dahlgren. Photo via
In Jacob Dahlgren's piece "From art to life to art," he constructs an infinite, interlocking sculpture out of cans. Currently on view at Momentum 2009, the 5th Nordic Biennial of Contemporary art in Moss, Norway. From the show's catalog: "The sculpture From art to [...]

Paula Deen's Beauty Advice in Allure Magazine

In the October 2009 issue of Allure Magazine, there's a sidebar mini-interview with Paula Deen (title: "Southern Comfort") in which we learn about her accidentally burning her fake eyelashes off and a beauty regimen that includes the steam from pots in a kitchen and Chanel creams. Since it isn't available online, here it [...]

The Pear Incident on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia [video]

In the latest episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, it turns out that Charlie had never eaten a pear: "Pears weird me out. Where do you start? The top? The bottom? It's a weird looking thing." So they divert their road trip to go to the Italian market (that they think is full of [...]

William Safire and the Kitchen Debates: The Model Kitchen at the American National Exhibit in Moscow, 1959

Kitchen debates. Photograph by William Safire. Via
William Safire, columnist for The New York Times, died yesterday at the age of 79. Safire was famous for much: his conservative voice on the otherwise heavily liberal op-ed page, his On Language series on grammar and vocabulary, and his involvement (Safire would say orchestration, as per an [...]

Bud Light's Grooler Combines a Grill and a Cooler [video]

During Sunday NFL games, Bud Light has been running a series of "Tailgate Approved" parody infomercials for a bunch of seemingly-fake products including the Foozie, a combo foam hand / beer coozie, and the Tailgate Companion, a jacket for a dog with sleeves to hold beers and condiments. But you can, in fact, buy [...]


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