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Linksplodge 09/25/09

Above: Vintage 1977 mushroom canister set from Sears Roebuck. Plus bonus ceramic mushroom salt and pepper shakers. $12.95 on Etsy. Update: it's sold!
A prototype for a new, more ecologically-sound milk carton separates into a cardboard outer layer and a thin plastic inner layer for easier recycling.
From last night's Saturday Night Live: Guy Fieri shows Barack [...]

Mario Batali Sculpture by Karen Caldicott

The artist Karen Caldicott makes seven-inch tall clay sculptural renditions of celebrities including Steve Jobs, Angela Merkel, Michael Jackson, Jim Jarmusch, The Simpsons, and Mario Batali (right), looking a little stoned, drunk, or maybe just tired.
Caldicott's work has appeared in major publications including New York magazine, Time, The New Yorker, and the New York Times. [...]

Super-Fast Pancake-Sorting Flexpicker Robots [video]

Humans used to stack the pancakes by hand, but in a bid to reduce labor costs, HoneyTop Pancakes switched to a robot solution from ABB Robotics. In their machine, pancakes on a conveyor belt are fed into an enclosure where the insect-like Flexpicker robots grab and stack the pancakes at a truly astonishing speed, at [...]

Jimmy Kimmel Makes the World's Largest Meatball [video]

Jimmy Kimmel was not pleased after finding out that the record for the world's largest meatball was recently set in Mexico back in August (it was a promotional stunt to promote Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs).
So Kimmel put a team together to bring the record back to where it rightfully belongs: the USA. Using [...]

Blog-To-Book Deal: Hunter Angler Gardener Cook Author Hank Shaw's Honest Food

Hands up if you didn't see this one coming: Hank Shaw, the charismatic author of the ultimate DIY blog, Hunter Angler Gardener Cook (which was nominated for a 2009 Beard award), has sold the rights to a book called Honest Food: Finding the Forgotten Feast to Rodale.
Publishers' Marketplace notes that the book will be "a [...]

Satellite Image of Circular Crop Fields in Kansas

Photo via Wikipedia. View larger.
This image has been making the rounds today: a photograph taken from outer space of a field in Kansas with lots of circles because the farmers are using central pivot irrigation. Definitely check out the larger version.

Paula Deen on The View [video]

Paula Deen visited The View this week to promote her cookbook for kids, Paula Deen's Cookbook for the Lunch-Box Set (buy at Amazon). For the entire seven minutes, the ladies just dive into a table full of food, stuffing themselves. Barbara Walters isn't having any of it though — putting on her journalist hat, she [...]

Linksplodge 09/24/09

Above, lovely posters designed for the upcoming Le Fooding event in New York City. Left: Wylie Dufresne of WD-50 by Karlsson Wilker. Right: Momofuku by Paul Sahre. See them all on the Flickr set. [via The Feedbag]
The Dallas Morning News is not a fan of the food at the new Cowboys Stadium: Cowboys Stadium's junk [...]

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