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Meat-Growing Cocoon Concept Wins Electrolux Design Lab 2009 Competition

Cocoon by Rickard Hederstierna. View larger.
The meat- and fish-growing "Cocoon" designed by Rickard Hederstierna of the Lund Institute of Technology in Sweden won this year's Electrolux Design Lab 2009 competition that challenged industrial design students around the world to create home appliances following the theme “Designs for the next 90 years." The cocoon is a [...]

IACP Adds Three New Categories To Cookbook Awards

The call for entries is underway for the 2010 IACP cookbook awards (omfg have you submitted yet?), and the field has changed just a little with the addition of three new categories. Recognizing the expanding market for kiddie-chefs and family dinner compilations, they've added a Children, Youth, and Family category; Culinary History opens the doors [...]

The Top Ten Food-Based Rube Goldberg Machines [videos]

Still from Pee-wee's Big Adventure.
Rube Goldberg machines — a deliberately complex machine designed to perform a simple task — seem to be all over the internet. Perhaps inspired by the epic example set by Pee-wee Herman's Breakfast Machine in Pee-wee's Big Adventure (see below), many of these contraptions either use food as the meager excuse [...]

'Eating Muppets' from The State [video]

Here's the classic sketch "Eating Muppets" from MTV's The State: a dinner party that features the tasty neon blue meat: Muppet. With handy advice about the delicate art of Muppet hunting: “I sure could use some help counting to four…”
From the birth of the Muppet in Jim Henson's Wikins Coffee commercials in 1957 to the [...]

Paul Smith-Designed Evian Bottles

Bottled water is supposed to be evil and bad and everything, but these limited edition Evian bottles by British fashion designer Paul Smith that employ his signature stripes are just so very pretty.
Evian has a brief history of having teamed with fashion designers, including Christian Lacroix and Jean Paul Gaultier. Available October 31, 2009 [...]

Linksplodge 09/23/09

Above, a gallery of banana peel art from YesButNoButYes
College Humor on truth in cereal marketing. Special K isn't actually all that special.
Oh, Engrish: Bubble tea ad promotes "the joys of sucking on balls."
The US, as defined by distance to the closest McDonalds. That farthest you can get from the fast food chain? 107 miles, in [...]

Pizza as Art: 'Ain't' by Ted Mineo

"Ain't," Ted Mineo, 44" diameter, 7 segments, oil on resin. Photo courtesy of Ted Mineo and Deitch Projects.
Currently on display in the group exhibit "The Open" at Deitch Studios in Long Island City, New York is the piece "Ain't" by the artist Ted Mineo. Mineo told us a little bit about his work:
I titled this [...]

Woman Throws Bra on Stage at Guy Fieri Demo [video]

In this video clip of Guy Fieri at a cooking demo at the Turning Stone Casino in Verona, NY on September 19th, a woman threw her bra at him while he was on the stage. The crowd went wild. Fieri managed to get her to own up to it and come up to the stage, [...]

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