Paula Deen's Beauty Advice in Allure Magazine

allure-paula-deenIn the October 2009 issue of Allure Magazine, there's a sidebar mini-interview with Paula Deen (title: "Southern Comfort") in which we learn about her accidentally burning her fake eyelashes off and a beauty regimen that includes the steam from pots in a kitchen and Chanel creams. Since it isn't available online, here it is, in full:

From her kitchen in Savannah, Food Network star Paula Deen has turned fried chicken, heavy cream, and a Southern drawl into a cooking empire. We asked her to share her recipe for looking good.

I understand you're a big fan of false lashes.
"Oh honey, you better bet. I wouldn't take out the trash without 'em."

Any mishaps with them?
"I stuck my head in a hot oven once while cooking and they burned down to nothing. You have to be careful with the heat."

Your skin is gorgeous - how do you take care of it?
"I've been so mean to my skin, going to bed with makeup on - you just don't want to wake yourself up splashing all that water in your face. But lately I've changed my evil ways. I'm using some wonderful creams. My favorite is the one with the two C's - Chanel. My makeup artist said, 'You know, Paula, that cream is $350.' "

And what did you think of that?
"I thought, Holy crap. But it just makes your skin feel so good. Still, the thing that has helped my skin more than anything is being in my kitchen, constantly looking down into deep, hot pots. The steam and heat keep my pores clean."

Could all that butter be helping?
"Southern food takes a bad rap, but I grant you, we eat more vegetables than any other region. So what if they've got a little ham hock in them!"

- Hannah Morrill

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