Playing Sushi Roulette for the 'Wasabi Bomb' on The Amazing Race [video]

amazing-race-sushi-rouletteLast night saw the premiere of season fifteen of The Amazing Race featuring a mock-Japanese game show in which the contestants had to play Sushi Roulette and be lucky enough to get to eat a "wasabi bomb," a hand roll with a truly epic amount of wasabi.

Food figures pretty heavily in challenges in The Amazing Race — usually it's something gross like bugs — and last season the producers came up with new and fun ways to torture and demean the contestants, including never-ending pie-in-the-face throwing and speeding wheels of cheese down a steep and muddy hill.

Video: The Amazing Race: Sushi Roulette

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  1. Alex McMillan

    Love the Phil finger waggle.

  2. BrianMC

    First time hearing of the Wasabi Bomb. Gonna try one on the next sushi outing.

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