Scottish Brew Masters Stick It to the Man

nanny-stateFrom the "Oh, Snap" Department: the Scottish brewery BrewDog has created a 1.1% beer called "Nanny State" in response to an attempted ban on a controversial brew the company put out.

Earlier this year, British anti-alcohol groups protested the launch of Tokyo, and 18.2% ABV Imperial Stout flavored with jasmine and cranberries and billed as "the world's strongest beer." For comparison, the average alcohol content of a glass of wine is 11.5%; the average for a glass of sake is 13%-15%. Nanny State, a mild imperial ale, has an alcohol content is low enough that it is not regulated or taxed as a beer in the UK.

—Paula Forbes

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  1. Dan

    The Scots are complaining about an 18.2% beer? That doesn't seem very "Scottish." Plus Sam Adams can pull off a 27%. A lot of fuss for no good reason, but I'd like to give nanny state a try.

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