Spit-Roasted Baby Goat Basted with Drippings of Flaming Lardo on No Reservations [video]

no-res-sardiniaThe latest episode of No Reservations had Anthony Bourdain in Sardinia, and it featured some of the most epic food porn ever recorded. You should totally catch a repeat if you can.

Here's but a small example of the constant parade of phenomenal food: the baby goat spit-roasted over an open fire, basted with the drippings of flaming lardo at the family-run Agriturismo Roccas. For real? You ask. Yes, for real.

Later, Bourdain sings the praises of Sardinia: "It's spectacularly beautiful, and there seems to be no one here... If I was working for the Sardinian government or the tourism board, I would say, listen get your ass over here, stay in a village or a little bed and breakfast, and then just go out every day and eat. I don't care how many months or years you've spent traveling and eating around Italy, this is a whole other thing."

Video: No Reservations Spit-Roasted Baby Goat

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—Raphael Brion

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