Susan Orlean is Like a Crazy Cat Lady, but With Chickens


In the latest issue of The New Yorker, there's an article by Susan Orlean on chickens, and a related video in which she takes you on a tour of her house in the Hudson Valley and discusses her love of chickens.

Orlean was going to get, you know, "a horse, or a donkey," but then she was inspired by a film called The Natural History of the Chicken — a film that appears to feature a woman swimming naked in a fountain caressing a chicken. Starting off with a stuffed taxidermy chicken, Orlean has since moved on to own six chickens (and a "chicken loving dog"!) and seems to lead a very happy, very chicken-centric life.

So much so that she avidly tweets about her chickens, letting us know that it's fun to write about them: "One benefit of writing a story about chickens: Every time you write the word "chicken", it's amusing." She also has considered dabbling in some sort of illicit chicken pornography: "By the way, it has been suggested that I might get people to pay if I occasionally posted nude chicken photos. Agree?"

Video: Susan Orlean Is a Crazy Chicken Lady

—Paula Forbes

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  1. That looks perfect! One day I hope to have a chicken coop of my own! Maybe a vegetable patch, 4 dogs, 2 cows and a the time i'm 35...argh 12 more years to go!

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