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Photo via Yuri Suzuki on Flickr

Under the direction of Japanese designer Yuri Suzuki and artist Masa Kimura, visitors built "The Breakfast Machine," a Rube Goldberg-ish device that made an omelet, orange juice, coffee, and toast with jam. The project was part of Dutch Design Double, and its construction was documented over at Platform 21. See more photos at Yuri Suzuki's Flickr. Here's a video (in Dutch, with translation) of the breakfast machine in action:

Video: The Breakfast Machine (Dutch)

Here's a translation of the key lines in the video:

Introduction: "Anyone who knows the Wallace & Gromit movies is aware of the possibilities of wood and string to make a fully automatic breakfast-machine. Platform 21 was curious how real they could make such a machine."

“In a movie a breakfast-machine is usually used to introduce a nerd or a professor”

“It is a very traditional breakfast: we call it ‘strictly continental’ “

“There’s toast, jam made by my mother and coffee, but we still need to invent something to whisk the milk because I don’t like coffee without milk”

“...and egg, scrambled egg, which is very easy: all you need to do is drop it on a plate and stop the skin from falling with it. That was one of the first things we finished.”

“in a movie you can manipulate everything, but we wanted to build the real thing. Without any tricks, just to see if it could really work.”

“They invite us and the audience to help improve the machine: Things go wrong all the time, there are thousands of small problems to be solved, by solving one problem at a time we’ll get there.”

“Actually this isn’t very useful; you can just put an egg in a pan, fry it and you’re done. For us it’s about the process, the making of the machine and solving all those problems. Things keep falling or they break: That’s what this is about. If it delivers a perfect breakfast is, in the end, not the point.”

—Translation graciously provided by Edwin Hofs.

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