The Future of Candy on The Tomorrow Show With Mo Rocca and Special Guest Frank Bruni [video]


In the latest episode of The Tomorrow Show, a weekly webcast about the future, Mo Rocca investigated the future of candy, visiting Jelly Belly headquarters and Mother Murphy's Laboratories, a flavoring company. Turns out the future of candy apparently includes exotic flavors like acai and pomegranate, flavor fusions like chili-mango, and chocolate inhalers. Definitely watch the second segment with Frank Bruni at Dylan's Candy Bar in which he's challenged to identify "potential hot future candy flavors."

Describing snakeskin fruit candy, Bruni says, "It's like pineapple on quaaludes, in a very good way." On prickly pear bubble gum: "If people are going for alliteration in their bubble gum flavors, this is gonna be huge."

When asked what he thinks is the future of candy, Bruni replies, "The future of candy is bright! The future of candy is everything and anything candy wants it to be. The sky's the limit. It's morning in America. For candy."

Video: The Future of Candy: Flavor Varieties, Chocolate Inhaler

Video: The Future of Candy: Tasting With Frank Bruni

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