The Land, Sea, and Air Burger on Playboy's Eat Me!

playboy-eatme posted video of the first episode of Eat Me!, their self-proclaimed "ultimate guide to dumbass dude food," in which the hosts combine a McDonald's hamburger, a chicken patty and a Filet-o-Fish into one sandwich, calling it the Land, Sea, and Air Burger. "There are so many animals in mouth," they say.

Having already seen the proto-McGangBang from back in 2003 that already went beyond the Land, Sea, and Air Burger by adding french fries into the sandwich, in some ways we're umimpressed. You're going to have to work a lot harder to catch up to the likes of This Is Why You're Fat and Insanewiches. But nice try!

Playboy's videos are unembeddable, so go there and take a look. SFW.

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