The Nation September Food Issue ADHD Edition

nation-food-issue1The Nation's September issue is all about food, here's your ADHD edition.

  • How to Grow Democracy: A "forum" (read: a bunch of loosely-connected articles) on "food democracy":
    • Alice Waters: A Healthy Constitution: Waters calls for an "edible education, not just school lunch reform" that "integrates classroom instruction, school lunch, cooking and gardening" that teaches "values that are central to democracy." Unclear.
    • Dan Barber: Why Cooking Matters: Barber says we need to "democratize the carcass" by looking at "the great food cultures of the world" and eat more offal.
    • Dave Murphy: An American Right to Food: He's the founder of Food Democracy Now! Tries to connect shopping organic and local to a "common destiny" and something about Americans reclaiming "our right of self-determination." Corporations bad!
    • Grace Lee Boggs: Detroit's "Quiet Revolution": On the local food movements in Detroit, growing food in vacant lots, etc.
    • LaDonna Redmond: Food is Freedom: On food activism, changing the food system, and access to vacant land in urban communities.

  • Michael Pollan: Wendell Berry's Wisdom: an adaption of Michael Pollan's introduction to Bringing It to the Table, a collection of Wendell Berry's writings on agriculture and food.
  • Walter Mosely: Ten Things You Can Do to Start a Community Garden.
  • Habiba Alcindor: Mississippi Growing: on agriculture and small-scale farming in Holmes County, the "poorest county in the poorest state in the Union."
  • Raj Patel, Eric Holt-Gimenez, and Annie Shattuck: Ending Africa's Hunger: very long piece on the Gates Foundation flawed attempts at ending hunger in Africa.
  • Anna Lappé: Cafeteria Consciousness: short piece on the college movement called the "Real Food Challenge" for schools to "shift at least 20 percent of school food to "real food"--sustainably raised, grown with fairness, and from local and regional farms--by 2020."
  • Dayo Olopade: Green Shoots in New Orleans: short piece on DIY urban gardeners in New Orleans.
  • John Nichols: Food Without Fear: an editorial on food safety legislation.
  • Brent Cunningham Cornucopia Blues: epically-long piece reviewing several current books about agriculture, famines, food shortages.
  • Katha Pollitt: The Female Gourmet: A review of Julie & Julia.

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