The Quadruple Down Sandwich

quadruple-downWe were reminded that we never actually posted about Insanewiches, the website that blurs the lines between art, cultural commentary, and general gross-out food creations.

Case in point: If KFC is going to make a Double Down Sandwich, why the fuck not make The Quadruple Down Sandwich?

Someone just give them a book deal please.

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  1. Moira

    It is time to establish national and local food courts to deal with this kind of food crime. If it's true that porn leads to sex crimes (not an argument I am making), then the irresponsible dissemination of photos like this will surely lead to violent over-eating, excruciating gall bladder attacks, and massive heart failures. Can Quadruple-Down whores be far behind?

    Please, for the sake of civilization, cease and desist.

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