The Top Ten Food-Based Rube Goldberg Machines [videos]


Still from Pee-wee's Big Adventure.

Rube Goldberg machines — a deliberately complex machine designed to perform a simple task — seem to be all over the internet. Perhaps inspired by the epic example set by Pee-wee Herman's Breakfast Machine in Pee-wee's Big Adventure (see below), many of these contraptions either use food as the meager excuse for their existence or, in one case, as their incredible source of motion. Below, we've rounded up the ten most incredible Rube Goldberg machines we could find. To the best of our knowledge, these are all real — ie, not fake, made for movies or animated. Oh, like you were going to get any work done today, anyway.

#10: Potted Meat

A young man and his uncle regift a can of Armor Potter Meat Food Product to one another every year; this year, it's slightly more clever.


#9: The Cantraption

Built for a competition associated with a food drive, this first place winner moves canned goods.


#8: The Ketchup Kascade

The Ketchup Kascade uses 300 restaurant ketchup packets to get ketchup on a bun.


#7: The Waiting Machine Pours a Beer

This is a Rube Goldberg machine from the film Waiting--when put into action, it pours a beer.


#6: The Breakfast Machine

In which a teenager creates a pretty awesome toasted freezer waffle and glass of orange juice breakfast machine.


#5: Caféen? Domino

A domino effect with empty booze bottles results in a man doing a beer bong rip in a bar in Denmark.


#4: Wall-Mounted Vodka Tonic Rube Goldberg

Care for a drink? This machine even garnishes.


#3: The Mythbusters Christmas Special Rube Goldberg Machine

Powered by Mentos dropping into stragetically placed bottles of soda--and, at one point, by a roast turkey falling onto a teeter-totter--this amazing machine serves to send Buster the Crash Dummy off into space.


#2: Creme That Egg!

This smashing (pun intended) Rube Goldberg sets off its own puppet band to make the finale just that much more suspenseful. Astounding.


#1: Japanese Game Show Ramen Machine

Leave it to the Japanese to create the most epically complicated machine in order to end up with a bowl of ramen with an egg in it. Special points for the breathlessly excited play-by-play from the announcer.


The Inspiration: Pee-wee Herman's Breakfast Machine


—Paula Forbes

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  1. Jackie

    What about the one that made breakfast in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?

  2. Kristyn

    This is my favorite...its a commercial for a Honda Accord.

  3. This is one of the best posts ever! Combing food and Rube Goldberg Machines - genius! Thank you.

  4. anyone got the martini olive machine from "Simply Irresistible"?

    it really only gets a cameo, but it pours a martini over ice, and that olive just jumps in. also it looks easy to reset.

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