Tyra Banks NYC Food Truck Spectacular [video]

tyra-food-trucks-nycYesterday's food truck segment on the Tyra Banks Show was sort of a mess, what with her repeating the term "high end" and "high class" innumerable times and mispronouncing the names of two of the three featured trucks, calling Rickshaw "ricksaw" and Le Gamin "le gameen." Says Banks excitedly, "We're gonna teach you how to eat high high high class food for a low price. On the street. Of New York City."

Her guest, a "junk food truck junkie," served as a reminder that a lot of people are maybe still wary of food trucks, recounting that her friends find them "disgusting, I couldn't pay them to eat from a truck. They think it's dirty." So any exposure should be considered a positive, even if the segment was a little sloppily-executed. It's far from the "shark jumping" event that Gothamist predicted it would be, however. Here's the entire seven-minute video:

Video: Tyra Banks NYC Food Truck

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