UK Blog: Notes From a Hospital Bed

hospital-food-bingoHere's a fun read: Notes From a Hospital Bed, written by someone with the pseudonym "Traction Man," a freelance journalist forced to spend months in an NHS Hospital bed after being "struck down by a bone and flesh-eating bug." (For those who do not know, the NHS, or the National Health Service, is the publicly-funded healthcare system in the UK.)

In the blog he plays a game he calls "Hospital Food Bingo" in which he posts a photo of a dish and readers are supposed to guess what it is. He raises serious questions about the standard of hospital food while offering hearty criticisms of state-run healthcare system, but at least he's got a sense of humor about it, writing things like this:

However, my opprobrium is reserved for the treacle suet pudding and custard. I don’t know whether the chef used an industrial hardener or simply drove out the moisture with a flamethrower but it was the most inedible lump of carbohydrate ever to be passed off as a dessert. To add insult to injury, the spoon it was served with still had traces of the last user in the form of dried concentric rings of some liquid that appeared etched into it. Yum!

[via The Guardian]

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