Upcoming: Collages by Barbara Weissberger at Dean Project


Photographs via barbaraweissberger.net

Opening Saturday, September 19th at the Dean Project in Long Island City, Queens, is the group exhibit "Mirror on Mirror Mirrored" which includes the epic meat collages of Barbara Weissberger. The show features pieces from her "RRSHK" series (as in Rorschach spelled for a vanity license plate), photo collages set against a mirrored sky using appropriated images in which hamburgers, steaks, pickup trucks, birds, pork chops, and ground meat figure prominently.



Opening Reception Saturday September 19th 6 – 9pm
"Mirror on Mirror Mirrored" runs September 19th - November 19th
Dean Project
45-43 21 Street
Long Island City, NY 11101

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