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This time last week, our world was adrift, bereft of a true original. Keith Floyd — the inimitable — was dead. Having passed away as a result of a heart attack (not surprising, really), the televised world of cooking had at last, lost its most irreplaceable artifact.

Floyd enjoyed as he might have put it, rip-roaring success throughout the late Eighties and Nineties. Perhaps in part due to his haphazard methods (about which we shall return), Floyd remains fairly unknown on this side of the Atlantic — although hopefully posts of this nature should at least offer some posthumous attention.

Caught somewhere between the archetypal English gentleman and a slightly less despotic Colonel Kurtz, Floyd's approach to televised cookery was chaotically entertaining and about as far removed from its predecessors as could be. While harboring a notable respect for classical cooking, Floyd's on-camera method generally involved consuming a large amount of alcohol, charming the pants off bystanders, and berating his long-suffering cameraman for not getting close enough to the action.

And what action there was! Memories recall a large gas burner attached to the back of a sampan in Hong Kong's notoriously choppy harbor, puffin hunting in Norway (they're a protected species, mind you), and cooking ostrich in an ostrich farm, surrounded by ostriches and feeding the result to the deceased ostrich's former colleagues — all while under the influence of local libations and dressed to the nines.

And with that, it's perhaps is wise to redirect your attention to the following clips — a scant offering in the grand scheme of things — and hope that just like Mr. Floyd set out to do over 25 years ago, serve to inspire and entertain.

Video: Keith Floyd Can't Cook

Video: Wild mushroom omelette recipe - Floyd on France - BBC

Video: Slow-cooked beef in red wine - Floyd Cooks - BBC

Video: Easy Guide to cooking Mussels - Floyd Cooks - BBC

Video: How to make a pizza - Floyd Cooks - BBC

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  1. I always liked watching his programs, he was the first on TV who did a lot of outdoor- on location cooking. Sad he passed away. Lovely to see these old shows again.

  2. My favorite Floyd line: 'A glass for the stew, and a glass for the chef.'

  3. Ivy

    It's funny how no one outside of the US knows about Julia Child but we get movies and everything about her shoved down our throats but someone as great a Keith will be ignored by the US but all other English speaking countries will be saddened by his death.

    Some cross pollination is needed: Let's get Alton Brown on BBC TV and you guys can get Keith on PBS.

  4. maxpickle

    Watching these for the first time I really feel like we missed out.Red rover , red rover, send your food shows on over.

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