Woman Throws Bra on Stage at Guy Fieri Demo [video]

guy-fieri-braIn this video clip of Guy Fieri at a cooking demo at the Turning Stone Casino in Verona, NY on September 19th, a woman threw her bra at him while he was on the stage. The crowd went wild. Fieri managed to get her to own up to it and come up to the stage, and in appreciation he gave her what appears to be a knife set. Better still: she let him keep the bra.

Guy Fieri is the new Tom Jones!

Video: Woman Throws Bra on Stage at Guy Fieri Demo

[via Food Network Humor]

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  1. PLatypus

    Why would he keep the bra?

  2. Kejon

    ha ha ha!! LOL!! That was great. He was so shocked, and caught off guard. So cute.

  3. Kelly

    I would have thrown it at Tony Bourdain instead! Hot

  4. Hannah Smith

    Guy Fieri...thirty something loudmouth who dresses like a thirteen year skateboarder.

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