Alton Brown Makes a Smoothie Using a Water Cooler and a Fire Extinguisher on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon [video]


Last night Alton Brown visited Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and went all Mad Scientist, going to some extreme lengths to make a smoothie. He hooks up a 25 lb. CO2 fire extinguisher with a water cooler just to freeze some berries: "It's gonna be a mess. I asked for them to provide ponchos. They didn't. Cheap show." Somehow a tennis racket and a drill are also involved. He tries to calm Fallon's fears, telling him, "This is not how you die. This is how you learn to live."

Video: Alton Brown on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Part 1

Video: Alton Brown on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Part 2

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  1. James C

    [Alton Brown is my hero]

  2. Harold (SMM)

    LOL!! That was so funny!!

    James, he's my hero too! In fact he's one of the people who as inspired me to be part of this industry!

  3. snooky

    He's like the Bill Nye of food. I love them both!

  4. He rocks he rules. Cookin' with STYLE.
    What I'd give for one of those carbonated smoothies...

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