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  • Above: ‘Garden of Delight’ sugar structure, by Marieke van der Bruggen, Design Academy Eindhoven. From Wallpaper's report on Dutch Design Week.
  • Publishers Weekly: Grand Central has signed Food Network personality Claire Robinson (of 5 Ingredient Fix fame) to a two-book deal. Also: "Robinson has also been tapped to host a forthcoming prime-time show on the channel."
  • Daily Mail takes Pret a Manger to task because their "spankingly fresh" sushi is actually shipped 7,000 miles from Chile. Also, the rice is from America, the prawns are from Vietnam, the pickled ginger is from Thailand, and the vegetables are from the UK and Europe.


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  1. Didn't Heston Blumenthal announce that he was going to do a Harry Potter feast as well? Has that been ixnayed?

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