Angelina Jolie Used Sandra Lee's Recipe for 'No Bake Birthday Cake'

sandra-lee-no-birthday-cakeSandra Lee told People that Angelina Jolie used her recipe for "No Bake Birthday Cake" which involves a store-bought sheet cake, topped with a plain round cake, and then surrounded by pre-made cupcakes and cookies. Said Sandra Lee: "She's a Semi-Homemade mommy just like the rest of us!" Old news, you say! It's from Friday, we know. But then we found a video of Sandra Lee making the "No Bake Birthday Cake" with Mario Lopez on Extra, and it's a sight to behold:

Video: Sandra Lee's Makes the 'No Bake Birthday Cake'

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  1. amy

    Semi homemade? She made nothing...

  2. cheekymonkay

    It probably tastes marginally better than her Kwanzaa cake monstrosity. YOU know the one.

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