Anthony Bourdain and Jonathan Safran Foer on Larry King Live's 'Is Meat Safe?' Panel [video]

bourdain-foer-larry-kingThe other day, Larry King, inspired by that recent The New York Times story on E. Coli, hosted a devastating panel on his show to talk about food-borne illness, bringing on family members of children who died because of E. Coli and the lawyer representing Stephanie Smith, the children’s dance instructor paralyzed because of a frozen hamburger patty. Update: Surprise! Marion Nestle is unhappy about the segment.

The second half (starts around 16:50 in) had newly-vegetarian Jonathan Safran Foer and Anthony Bourdain who, in the past, had raved about eating a "nice big steroid-jacked fatty animal" (albeit jokingly). Here Bourdain takes a much more serious tone:

That said, we may be designed to eat meat. We are not designed to eat fecal choliform bacteria. I think the standard practices of outfits like Cargill and some of the larger meat processors and grinders in this country are unconscionable and border on the criminal... I think certainly we could eat better in this country. It would probably not be a bad thing if we ate less meat, if the ratio of animal protein to vegetables changed along the lines of the Chinese model.

Video: Larry King Live's 'Is Meat Safe?' Panel

See the full transcript.

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