Anthony Bourdain Gets His Own Cartoon: Anthony Bourdain's Alternate Universe


Update: Here's epidode one: RoboChef!

Anthony Bourdain is getting his own animated web series, Anthony Bourdain's Alternate Universe (beating Gordon Ramsay to the punch), and it's... baffling. The trailer for the Adult Swim-ish webseries doesn't explain much, but from what we can tell, Bourdain is some kind of mad scientist / father of twins wearing a sweater vest ? He's also a Frankenstein-like monster? And there's the brains of Sandra Lee and Rachael Ray preserved in jars, and Andrew Zimmern in a straitjacket? What the hell is going on?

The Travel Channel's website for it doesn't give much info, other than:

From the creators of No Reservations and from the mind of world traveler, chef and best selling author Anthony Bourdain, comes a new animated web series -- Anthony Bourdain's Alternate Universe. In this imaginative, exclusive new web series, Tony shares his personal and unique view of the world that lives in his imagination, mocking not only himself but others that cross his path, literally and figuratively. This 6-part animated web series coming in 2010 promises to deliver some humorous and gritty entertainment from the colorful mind of Tony Bourdain.

Here's the sneak peak trailer:

Video: Anthony Bourdain's Alternate Universe - Sneak Peek

[via @NoReservations]

Update: Here's epidode one: RoboChef!

—Raphael Brion

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  1. Amy

    So we've reached the shark-jumping credibility-destroying moment. So soon!

  2. Anna

    Gasping with wonder at just the weirdness of it all.

    I really don't know WHAT to say... but you're right, Tony has jumped the shark.

  3. Ellen

    It might be good. It might be fun, in a "Home Movies" meets "Frisky Dingo" sort of way. Let's wait and see before we mourn.

  4. Maria

    This sounds good. I want to see it. Of COURSE the Travel Channel doesn't know what to do with it.

    Think this is a great direction. 'Dhani Travels the Globe' was also inspired- head and shoulders (sorry) above most of the dreck on that channel.

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