Anthony Bourdain to Internet: Chill Out! Alternate Universe Is Just a Series of Short Webisodes

bourdain-alt-universeAfter a pretty resounding OMGWTF response from the internet to yesterday's preview of the cartoon webisodes Anthony Bourdain's Alternate Universe, Bourdain had no choice but to get on his blog and try to explain himself to quell the furious accusations of shark-jumping and selling out, even sometimes breaking into all-caps:

There seems to be some understandable confusion with the announcement of our upcoming "web series", ALTERNATE UNIVERSE. Reactions varying between "WTF!!??" and " This time he's jumped the shark for sure." ... these dark, nasty, frequently foul TWO MINUTE LONG web extras are not a replacement for NO RESERVATIONS. They are not a pilot for some new, family friendly, watered down follow on. They are instead brief, often violent, alt versions of NO RES... They'll appear on the fan site--for those who wish to click on them. I wrote the damn things--so there's nobody to blame but me if they're not as quick, nasty--and funny as I think they are.

We'll admit: We saw a full two-minute webisode, and it was genuinely funny and very Bourdain. The preview video sort of overdid it with the frenetic editing and everything.

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  1. Ellen

    I have faith. Everything he's done thus far has been hilarious.

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